• Aerospace Technology
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Scientific Research
  • Educational Public Outreach

Who Are We?

We are DarkStar Aerospace

We’re involved with CubeSats and CubeSat technology, custom research instrumentation, and asteroid mining

We host and provide access to the world’s first publicly accessible radio telescope spectral-line interferometer and optical telescope interferometer


DarkStar Aerospace are involved with the aerospace, technology, asteroid mining, and astronomical research sectors.

We design and develop aerospace technology

  • Satellite, CubeSat, and Spacecraft structural components, propulsion, power, control, and scientific instrumentation systems.
  • We utilize nanotechnology & nano-composites in our technological designs.


We design and develop advanced computational & technology systems for terrestrial and aerospace application

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Computing.
  • Additive Manufacturing with advanced nano-composites for multifaceted technological application.
  • Renewable Energy systems, including our specialised development with Space Based Solar Power (SBSP).


Asteroid Mining

  • We are directly involved in the asteroid mining industry, since 2014 from our UK based centres.
  • Utilizing advanced technologies and  research equipment in the detection, tracking, analysis, and prospecting of asteroids and near earth objects.


Astronomical Research

  • We host the world’s first publicly accessible radio telescope spectral-line interferometer and optical telescope interferometer. Both instruments are capable of a wide field of advanced scientific research. Both research instruments are available to the scientific community, to the public for exploration of the universe in radio wavelengths and to conduct citizen science, and are provided with free access to schools for STEM education so that they can advance their scientific education with new resources, at no cost to themselves.
  • We operate a Ground Station from our primary facility offering TT&C and Tx/Rx services which allow us to monitor and track satellites and spacecraft, send operational commands, and downlink data directly. We operate our Ground Station on the S and X bands due to their primary use with research and astronomical satellites and robotic spacecraft which allows us to meet the operational, command, and data needs of customers with space based equipment.