Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson: Consultant

Has a background in the Observational Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, and Technology fields which have enabled him to gain a highly developed experience portfolio allowing him to provide exceptional technical consultation with DarkStar Aerospace, when his expertise is utilised.

His background involves specialised training and education in systems engineering, IT development, integration, and problem resolving. From there he transitioned into working in the high end optical engineering field being directly involved with scientific imaging systems and optical components of research telescopes. It was from this position where he progressed to serving the UK within the Royal Navy, serving as an aeronautical engineer where his knowledge of aerospace propulsion and control systems were refined to an advanced standard. After he retired from military service, Adam sought to develop his knowledge of the universe further and to combine that with his engineering and technological skills to advance new concepts in the aerospace industry.

His education in  Observational Astronomy allowed him to refine the needs of the Astronomy field with regards to scientific research equipment, and develop new designs that today are utilised by DarkStar Aerospace. He also studied the field of minor planets and planetary science and took part in active research using the twin Faulkes Telescopes. It was during this time that he used his technological background and knowledge in Observational Astronomy to conduct the scientific & technological measurement of the Brecon Beacons in order for it to be awarded its status as a registered International Dark Sky Reserve, a prestigious award given to only a handful of destinations that can prove they have an outstanding quality of night sky, and which can only be awarded by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). His work on this front was a crucial aspect of this status nomination, along with his work with Dark Sky Wales which coordinated this endeavour.

After completing his study, he transferred to the Dark Centre Observatory which maintains a global telescope network, utilising his astronomy, astrophotography, engineering, and IT knowledge he developed their telescope systems to a higher standard along with their outreach programs, eventually moving upwards to become the Managing Director of the Dark Centre Observatory Network where he coordinated with the scientific and engineering communities to provide new resources that were needed by both, and gain a thorough understanding of the multi-faceted needs of both communities.

Adam is an influential advocate for open access to space, not only through his involvement with making the Brecon Beacons become 1 of the International Dark Sky Associations 11  International Dark Sky Reserves, which opened a wide region to the night sky allowing thousands of people to see space for the beauty it is, but through his work with educational and outreach initiatives with the Dark Centre Observatory and its YouTube channel where it provides instruction and guidance on complex subjects:           

Adam is also an avid astrophotographer, having extensive experience with the complex range of scientific cameras and DSLRs used for this area, he holds the prestige of being short listed for the Royal Observatory Greenwich Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year award which is the largest international competition of its kind, annually showcasing phenomenal photography of the night sky and the universe taken from a global community of talented astrophotographers.