Center for Space Colonization

The DarkStar Aerospace Center for Space Colonization is a facilitation hub for the purpose of expanding humanity’s presence throughout our solar system.

DarkStar Aerospace work with an international network of scientists & engineers, academics & educators, futurists & innovators, and business & industry  to develop new technology and opportunity to improve our everyday lives on Earth. We also work to open new opportunity in the solar system by collaborating aspects from those fields into the joint purpose of making humanity a space faring species, from low earth orbit, to the moon, and beyond.

The Center for Space Colonization collaborates on key focal points:

  • Aerospace Technology. To design and develop new or advanced aerospace systems to broaden our capability for off-planet operations.
  • Structural & Habitat Engineering. Utilising advanced composites and In-Situ Resources to enable off-planet operational platforms and habitats for colonization to be developed.
  • Robotics. The design and composition of new robotic systems to facilitate off-planet exploration and work to be enabled. The development of new AI systems to be included with these robotic systems to enhance their capability.
  • Biology & Chemistry. The development and enhancement of human and plant based biology and chemistry to enable a better adaptation to harsher environments, as well as enabling consumable resources to be proliferated in off-planet settings to allow humans to live.
  • Satellites. A vital necessity to off-planet exploration and habitation are satellites capable of monitoring radiation and weather systems, hazards, and communications to allow human settlements to succeed.
  • Power Systems. We, and our partners, work on the development of Space Based Solar Power (SBSP), alternative power systems, off-planet adaptive environmental  power systems, new battery technology, portable power systems capable of long duration power generation, and high yield off-planet generators.
  • Research & Sensor Systems. We develop technology and design methodology to enable scientific research & exploration to be conducted in alternative environments.
  • Commercial. We maintain a dual focus to all aspects of our research & development. Adaptability so that the technology can be returned to earth-based commercial markets. This provides additional capital to maintain off-planet development while also ensuring that on-planet citizens will jointly be able to access new technology.
  • Education & Invigoration. We work with academics & educators internationally to provide educational resources and technology to better prepare today’s student populations to be our future colonists.

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