DarkStar Aerospace Mars Resort

DarkStar Aerospace are currently developing a Mars Resort & Attraction in the Sultanate of Oman, in partnership with commercial & technical interests, that will allow people to come experience Mars, but on Earth.

Not only will it be unlike anything a visitor has ever experienced, on either planet. It will offer new, and unique, experiences that enable guests to live the life of a Martian colonist in a realistic simulated environment while never leaving our planet.

They will experience Mars and what life might be like for a colonist, have the opportunity to engage in simulated & entertaining Martian activities, be entertained with new and immersive activities & attractions to allow them to experience what life in the future might be like. Then they can relax in Earth-based luxury and experience the other delights the Mars Resort will offer.

Not only will they be able to experience a Resort offering a realistic Mars simulation, they will be able to witness scientific & technological research and development that will contribute to humanity’s ability to live on the red planet.

As part of this Resort, we are including a Research Station that will focus on the scientific & technical fields that will enable long duration space travel & habitation of Mars, and other solar system bodies, to be achieved more easily as well as through new methodology.

There are many scientific & engineering disciplines that will be worked on at the Research Station. Guests at the Mars Resort will be given the opportunity to witness this work and take tours of this facility at times, as well as be able to participate with selected R&D initiatives and contribute to humanity becoming an interplanetary species.