Ground Stations

DarkStar Aerospace provide Ground Station as a Service from our primary facility offering TT&C and Tx/Rx services which allow us to monitor and track satellites and spacecraft, send operational commands, and downlink data directly.

We operate our GSaaS services with a variable-band antenna and on the S and X bands due to their primary use with research and astronomical satellites and robotic spacecraft which allows us to meet the operational, command, and data needs of our customers with space based equipment.

The Global Satellite Industry is a £200 billion pound business sector. With the advent of cubesats and satellite constellations this industry is rapidly developing and increasing its need for GSaaS services and DarkStar Aerospace is there for you.

DarkStar Aerospace offers GSaaS services in the area of:

Earth Observation Satellites (EOS)

Within the past decade there has been substantial increase in satellite & microsat traffic performing Earth Observations (EO) for the purpose of observation of meteorological conditions, environmental catastrophe (fire, volcano, earthquake, sandstorm & hurricane) and sea & ocean based shipping traffic.

With the advent of microsats there is a growing list of satellite operators involved with EO, the need of these companies to access their EOS data rapidly is paramount to their business needs and global situational awareness, DarkStar Aerospace is there for your needs.

Tracking LEO and MEO Satellites

Satellite tracking is a vital service to determine the location and position for satellites in either LEO or MEO. This allows us to monitor satellite operations in relation to other satellite and space based traffic to prevent collision to ensure the continued life and operation of your satellites.

Having greater access to tracking coverage for your satellite traffic offers you the assurance of their continued operations and situational awareness, DarkStar Aerospace is there for your needs.

Telemetry, Tracking, and Control (TT&C)

The Telemetry, Tracking, and Control (TT&C) operation provides a direct connection between a satellite and a Ground Station’s facilities. This service is required for all satellites regardless of their application; the only variance in this is if a satellite is designed solely for autonomous operation unless there is an emergency situation upon which manual TT&C operation is needed.

TT&C operations ensure:

  • The monitoring of health and status of a satellite’s systems through the collection, processing, and transmission of data between the satellite and Ground Station
  • The determination of a satellite’s exact location through reception, processing, and transmission of ranging signals
  • The proper control of a satellite and it’s systems through the reception, processing, and implementation of command from the Ground Station

As this service is vital to the needs of all satellite operators, utilising DarkStar Aerospace’s GSaaS services guarantees your continued success, DarkStar Aerospace is there for your needs