Mars Resort

To Mars, or not to Mars, that is the question.

Of course we prefer to go, as does much of humanity. 

But there are substantial concerns for humanity to be able to travel to Mars and survive. Travel itself, with the distance between Earth and Mars leading to long periods of isolation. The necessary technology & resources to enable humans to survive on-planet in extreme conditions, including the ability to build habitats & structures to maintain survivability, produce food, radiation shielding, power production, and more.

The atmosphere on Mars is vastly different from Earth’s atmosphere. Earth has an oxygen-rich atmosphere with very little carbon dioxide, Mars has an atmosphere consisting of over 95% carbon dioxide, which is poisonous to humans. The atmospheric pressure is too low for humans to survive without a pressure suit. Mars has a significantly weaker gravitational pull than Earth, which would likely lead to skeletal deterioration and atrophied muscles. Other health risks include cardiovascular problems, eyesight issues, and weakened immune systems. Due to the lack of a magnetosphere and the thin atmosphere, Mars is vulnerable to radiation from cosmic rays, which can damage humans’ central nervous systems as well as their DNA. While there is a significant amount of evidence that Mars was once home to an abundance of liquid water, and has hidden reserves deep beneath the surface, virtually all of the water is inaccessible. And the water that is currently frozen in the polar ice caps cannot take liquid form due to the low atmospheric pressure.

DarkStar Aerospace has been fortunate to work with high ranking government officials and commercial interests in a country that has recently joined the space race, and in part with our projects there have partnered with some of those commercial interests who are excited about being able to contribute to humanity’s ability to travel and survive off-planet.

So, we are currently developing a Mars Resort & Attraction with them that will enable you to come experience Mars, but on Earth. Imagine being able to travel to Mars but never leaving the planet, having a real life exposure to being on the fourth planet from the Sun and being able to experience activities that new colonists might partake in to survive in a completely different environment to that which you were born in. Then being able to relax in earth based luxury at the Resort facilities and dining establishments. But that’s not all, there will be additional Mars themed activities and experiences to educate and entertain.

And you will be able to witness the scientific research & technological development teams conduct their R&D that will contribute to humanity’s ability to live on the red planet. You will see next generation scientific development that one day may further humanity’s reach amongst the stars. And in-line with DarkStar Aerospace practices those same developments will be reverse engineered for use on Earth so that it contributes to improvements for how humanity survives on our home planet.

Visit the DarkStar Aerospace Center for Space Colonization for more information.