Net Zero Space Initiative

DarkStar Aerospace has committed itself to the Net Zero Space Initiative managed by the Paris Peace Forum and collaborated with by global partners in the aerospace sector to improving the sustainability of space and improving humanity’s future.

We have all seen the hazards of space with the vast amount of debris in orbit around our planet and recent occurrences dictating that we must act immediately to minimise those hazards and contribute to cleaning our orbital environment to ensure that our ever expanding reach into space can be maintained safely.

If we do not collectively work to minimise our space footprint with the increasing ratio of rocket launches and satellite constellations compacting our LEO environment, we will see further impact & collision between space based infrastructure and spacecraft & humans travelling to the International Space Station, the Moon, and eventually to Mars.

This is why DarkStar Aerospace has joined with the global community of aerospace companies and organisations dedicated to the fantastic Net Zero Space Initiative.

DarkStar Aerospace pledges to utilise their Ground Stations & multi-spectral Tracking Stations in the MENA region to monitor space debris and assist the global community to minimise space hazards from a region where humanity has little coverage. To develop new satellite technology for monitoring LEO & GEO space to assist with the removal of space debris and minimise further hazards. And to continue developing hybrid propulsion and reusable rocket systems with our Launch Service Providers to minimise our impact upon our environment and space.