CAST Astro Sciences





CAST Astro Sciences are a scientific research and STEM education organisation. They provide Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths related materials to schools and education centres to encourage growth and development in the STEM scientific fields. They also maintain a Citizen Science network, coordinating a global network of citizen scientists with professional research to enhance data acquisition and scientific output.


Dark Centre

Dark Centre Observatory provide access to advanced telescopes which may be rented by users through a wifi interface, they only charge per time usage compared to other rental observatories which require monthly contracts. They also advocate for open access to space, through their telescope access and instructional videos which simplify complex subjects.



STEAMSPACE is a global nonprofit organization which is creating the youth movement for space settlement and space education. By working with industry leaders and integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Education, STEAMSPACE is building the pipeline for space and technology industries.

By offering opportunities such as the Cities in Space Competition and Conference, STEAMSPACE is bringing children together from across the globe to collaborate, compete, and engage on topics of space settlement design and emerging technology. STEAMSPACE brings industry leaders to CIS to have direct engagement and experiences with students grades 4 -12th. Each year Cities in Space has reached “fire code” capacity, holding over 500 students on site. STEAMSPACE is proud to celebrate its youth’s diversity with over 65% girls in its student body. We plan to grow Cities in Space to be held in more than one country by 2020.

To continue the movement and give students an all-inclusive opportunity, STEAMSPACE is creating the STEAMSPACE Academy. The Academy will offer a school year long, online, program with projects and lessons and direct engagement with industry leaders. Here, STEAMSPACE students will interact and problem solve with real-world, real-time situations pertaining to that industry. The Academy also supports progressive education techniques such as Project Based Learning and Social Emotional Learning. Through these models, students will also have issues such as Perseverance, Empathy, and Collaboration, incorporated into their lessons, to create the great leaders of tomorrow. Mentorship, global collaboration and industry involvement will be a daily part of the Academy’s programming.

STEAMSPACE is reaching out for support in its 2018 fundraising campaign. They are striving to raise 3 million dollars over the next 3 years to create their STEAMSPACE Academy which will support their global Cities in Space program. If you or a friend would like to support their mission, you may reach out to them at They would love to hear from you!


Tiamet 3D

A company associated with DarkStar Aerospace have just brought a new space age material to market that has exciting potential for the aerospace industry, as well as for many other sectors.

Tiamet 3D have developed a cutting edge 3D Filament designed with nano-composite materials. This vastly enhances its strength and wear resistance. It has excellent temperature control allowing for use in different environments (Terrestrial or Space). And the fact that it can be adapted to the design of the user allows for a broad spectrum of aerospace application.