Sian Evans: Director of Engineering

Sian Evans is the Director of Engineering for DarkStar Aerospace.

She holds a dual MSc in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and has focused a lot of her knowledge building & technical skills working in the STEM fields in the aerospace & astronautics industries and with scientific facility & logistics development.

Her engineering and R&D background have involved multiple aspects at the academic level and working with the European Space Agency (ESA). Her involvement at DarkStar Aerospace currently has her managing our in-house engineering teams, and our external contract teams that work worldwide. She is also co-developing the new satellite sensor instrumentation & satellite components that will allow DarkStar Aerospace to have an enhanced view of our orbital environment for Space Domain Awareness (SDA).

Space Domain Awareness is the study and monitoring of satellites orbiting the earth. It involves the detection, tracking, cataloguing and identification of artificial objects, i.e. active or inactive satellites, spent rocket bodies, or fragmentation debris.